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Inclusive Services
 It is the mission of BREC to provide programs to all individuals
in East Baton Rouge Parish. In order to best serve our community members with disabilities, assessments are requested of all potential and recurring BREC participants, with a disclosed disability, to determine appropriate accommodations or modifications for the programs. Assessments are done to make sure that all participants have the tools needed to successfully participate as well as to make sure the activity of interest is the correct setting for the participant.
New Program Members: New participants that would like to have an assessment should contact Molly Phillips, Program Coordinator of Adaptive and Adult Leisure. Assessment will be conducted by either Molly or Casey Cantrelle, Adaptive Recreation Manager and will be assisted by members of the Adaptive Recreation staff. Assessments consist of completing necessary paperwork and an interactive experience with our staff.
Ongoing Program Members: Assessment paperwork will be updated annually and should include any goals the parent/guardian or participant wishes to achieve throughout the program.
Participant Requirements: Requirements are dependent on each program. They include, but are not limited to: independent toileting, independent feeding, staying with
a group and function on the staff to participant ratio of the group. If the participant is unable to fulfill the program requirements a 1:1 aid will be required and must be arranged by the parent/guardian.
Scheduling Assessments: Assessments must be conducted prior to the start of the program.
All BREC programs are inclusive. If you need inclusive services or accommodations in order to participate in an activity, want to schedule an assessment or have any questions, please contact our Adaptive staff.
Molly Phillips, Program Coordinator of Adaptive + Adult Leisure
Casey Cantrelle, Adaptive Recreation Manager 225-272-9200 EXT 1561

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